Paleo Burger Buns

  • Servings : 4
  • Prep Time : 0m
  • Cook Time : 4m
  • Ready In : 0m
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Preheat oven to 350° F.
In a large bowl, mix coconut flour, almond flour, baking powder and sea salt together with a fork.
In a separate bowl, blend eggs and coconut oil.
Pour egg mixture into flour mixture and combine completely.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and grease the paper lightly with coconut oil.
Pour the batter onto the oiled parchment paper to make eight (3-inch diameter) pools.
Bake for 10 minutes.


  • 4 eggs
  • 4 Tbs almond flour, 4 Tbs coconut flour
  • 4 Tbs coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt (optional)


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Recipe Comments

Comments (18)

  1. posted by April on August 31, 2012

    This recipe calls for coconut flour, but there is none listed in the ingredients.

  2. posted by Christine Hartsell on August 31, 2012

    Recipe did not call for coconut flour but directions said to mix it with almond flour.

  3. posted by jgoshia on August 31, 2012

    How much coconut flour?

  4. posted by Morgan on August 31, 2012

    Will you pleease post the amount of coconut flour? these look great!!!

  5. posted by Molly on August 31, 2012

    I think they mean the coconut oil! It *is* listed as an ingredient. I’ll have to try these sometime, they look awesome!

  6. posted by Rachel on August 31, 2012

    There is a requirement for coconut oil AND flour. The oil amount is listed, but not the coconut flour amount. It’s also not listed I. The link in the comment that says ‘rest here.’ sooooo, yes, I think we’d all love to know the amount of coconut flour needed! Thanks!

  7. posted by Lynn on August 31, 2012

    The ingredients shows 4 TBSP. of almond flour and 4 TBSP. of coconut flour. These two ingredients are listed on the same line.

  8. posted by Morgan on September 1, 2012

    Thank you for adding that!!! the coconut flour was not there yesterday!

    • posted by Ute on September 1, 2012

      You are absolutely correct that the coconut flour was not there yesterday. :) I added it when I was made aware of the fact, that it was missing. :)

  9. posted by Lynn on September 1, 2012

    A neighbour invited us for barbecued hamburgers this afternoon so I whipped up this recipe to take with me. I found the batter to be firmer than the “pour onto oiled parchment” would indicate but I had no problem spooning it on and flattened each pool to the 3″ diameter as stated. I did indeed get 8 pieces but I think 6 pieces would make them better for larger meat patties. They are cooling on a rack now but I did break a corner off and found them quite tasty and can’t wait to have a hamburger with a “bun” at the barbecue. I would definitely recommend this recipe. Hope you found this review helpful!

  10. posted by Carla on September 1, 2012

    I made these today using only quinoa flour, as that’s all I had on hand. I was worried how they would turn out, but they are wonderfully delicious! Thank you for a terrific recipe!

  11. posted by dewade65 on September 2, 2012

    Made these for a barbecue and loved them! Held up well with a patty and lots of condiments. I made 6 buns so they would be bigger and cooked them an extra 4 minutes. Very good flavor. Will use this recipe over and over. Thanks!

  12. posted by yogi1jac on October 14, 2012

    I made this with out baking soda and were still good… Only reason I did that was for a strict Paleo challenge I’m doing. Mrs. C thought they were two oily (by them selves), but they were perfect on my angus burger and fresh tomatoes.

  13. posted by amber on December 1, 2012

    These are awesome!!!!!! I use Ghee instead of the coconut oil because the coconut oil taste wasn’t my favorite for a bun……. with Ghee is PERFECT :D

    Thank you so much! They are so good!

  14. posted by lols30 on February 26, 2013

    Can these be frozen??

  15. posted by Maggie on July 4, 2013

    Are these supposed to be cooked until slightly browned? At 10 minutes, my buns were still pale.

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