Paleo Chicken Spaghetti

  • Servings : 5
  • Prep Time : 0m
  • Cook Time : 5m
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1. In a large pan place olive oil over medium high heat. When hot, drop chicken in skin side down. Sprinkle a dash of granulated garlic, salt and pepper over the chicken. Cook to brown then flip. Brown until you can no longer see pink on the outside. Remove from pan, set aside.
2. Cook minced onion and garlic in chicken fat and olive oil left in pan from the chicken. Cook until soft then add tomato sauce, paste, and the rest of the seasoning and coconut sugar. Add chicken back in over for 30 minutes or until chicken is done. Taste the sauce and make sure it has enough salt, garlic and Italian spices for your taste.
3. The last 10 minutes the sauce is cooking make spaghetti squash. Half it with a knife and scoop the seeds and pulp out. Place it in a shallow baking dish, cut side down, with about a quarter inch of water in the bottom. Cover with plastic wrap and place in microwave for 8 minutes or until soft. Remove from dish. Scrap with fork to get your noodles!!! Put some chicken and sauce over your noodles and Enjoy!!


  • 2 lbs Bone in Chicken Breast, dash of salt, garlic, and pepper to pepper to season chicken
  • 1 28 oz can of tomato sauce (no sugar added), 1tbs tomato paste
  • 1/2 large yellow onion minced
  • 1 tea salt
  • 2 tea Basil, 2 tea Oregano, 1 tea italian seasoning
  • 1 tea Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tea granulated garlic
  • 2 tea olive oil
  • 1 tea coconut sugar
  • 1 spaghetti squash


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I am a mother of three, and I love to cook. I am a healthy food lover, who has had some drama with food in the past and have dabbled in many healthy lifestyles but i am starting to cook Paleo! I am loving it! I am creating new delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy:)

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