\’Paleo\’ Chocolate Truffles

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The ingredients:
70g (half a cup) of the best quality 100% cacao powder you can find (raw is the best),
30g of raw unmolested cacao butter
200ml of coconut milk or cream (keep a bit reserved)
2 heaped teaspoons of virgin coconut oil (or a bit more if it’s melted)
20-30g of honey to taste
A couple of handfuls (50g) of de-shelled roasted nuts (I used hazelnuts)
Optional: Some natural vanilla seeds/extract, mint extract
Optional: a knob of grassfed butter (if you want to be extra naughty)
The recipe
This is really easy, and you’ll never want to spend the £40/kg that shops charge for chocolate truffles again.

Break the cacao butter into small pieces and mix, and add to the cacao powder in a bowl.
Blitz the nuts in a food processor until they a roughly chopped.
Add the coconut milk and oil (and optional butter) to a pan and bring to the boil
Pour the hot mixture over the cacao and mix thoroughly until until it’s smooth and the cacao butter has melted in.
Add the chopped nuts, honey, and any flavourings. Mix thoroughly
The mixture should be a smooth slightly runny mixture, if it\’s too stiff then add a bit more hot coconut milk. If it’s too runny then add some cacao powder. It should be runny enough to stir quickly with a small amount of resistance. Don’t worry as it will harden up once cool. (cacao butter melts at 37C and coconut oil at 25C)
Taste the mixture, if it’s too bitter, then add more honey. If it’s too dark then you can add some more cacao butter (you may need to gently melt it) or real butter. Now is a great time to add flavourings too. I\’ve made some using peppermint extract which were really nice. You could also try using our teabag trick (no not Finn’s one!)
Allow the mixture to cool for an hour or two in the fridge, or put it in the freezer if you’re in a rush
Once the mixture has started to harden and stiffen up (Finn: *snigger*) you should be able to start making truffles
Sieve some cacao powder onto a plate
Using 2 teaspoons pick out the mixture and shape into a ball. Roll the ball in the cacao powder until it’s completely covered, and set aside
Resist the temptation to eat each freshly rolled truffle, and save them in the fridge for later. They should be smooth and melt in your mouth.


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