Sunday Fry Up

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The great thing about getting yo’ butt kicked is the comfort food afterwards. I’ve woken up sore, bruised and lacking the ability to turn my head to the right or swallow without moving my head. Instead of building a pillow fort, rocking to and fro in a foetal position and possibly touching myself I dragged myself out of bed to go make some brekkie for everyone. (I should probably point out I wasn’t jumped, I pay to roll around on the floor being hit/choked by large, strange men. Hey, some people collect stamps for a hobby!)
I was just going to make a dirty sunday fry up but the toms looked too damn good like this so I thought I’d mess about with a tray bake idea. Thankfully it worked and it was delicious. All in all it took 20 mins so stick your ovens on now at 150C (302F).

WHatchoo need:

Toms on the vine / cherry toms
One red onion (sliced)
Two cloves of garlic, sliced (I actually used LOADS more but that’s because I’m terrified of gay vampires)
4 eggs (which weren’t enough, we’re gonna need a bigger tray)
One table spoon of coconut oil.

I cut up the vines then added the toms, onions and garlic to the tray. Mix well and season heavily with salt ‘n pepper.

After around 8-10 mins make sure the toms are starting to split then take it out of the oven (carefully!). Make some spaces and add your eggs then layer on the bacon. Stick it back in the oven until your eggs ‘n bacon are done the way you like them (you might need to reverse the eggs/bacon placement depending on your freakiness).

No, I’ve no idea what I’m doing. I should probably check for concussion. Lookit my pjs!
The smells..of dear Gawd. That perfect, Sunday morning fry-up smell. I don\’t know what our American readers eat for brekkie (is it candy? Cos if it is, I’ll emigrate!) but there’s nowt wrong with a British fry-up on a weekend.


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Comments (2)

  1. posted by bobkop on January 31, 2012

    “Gay” vampires?

  2. posted by jgoshia on June 16, 2012

    I sliced a larger tomato and skipped the onion. Baked the tomatoes an garlic in the Coconut oil for 8 minutes at 350. I beat my eggs and topped with partially cooked bacon. Baked another 10 minutes. Turned out very well. Will be making this again!

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