The Best Cauliflower Rice

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This technique makes the best cauliflower rice in taste and texture and makes the finished product very easy to handle.

Trim and discard the leaves from the cauliflower, and wash the white part. Put a steamer pot on to boil.

Grate the cauliflower with a fine cheese grater or (preferably) shred it in a food processor (fine shredding disc). This can be messy, so work on an oilcloth or a baking sheet to contain the shreds.

Next, wrap the shredded cauliflower for steaming. The best way to do this is to place your cauliflower into a 1 gallon paint strainer bag (available for about $1 at a hardware store). Another, less optimal way is to bundle it up in fine cheesecloth or a cloth nutmilk bag.

Put the cauliflower bag into a steamer pot and steam for 10-15 mins or until soft. Remove from heat.

Rinse the bag under cold water to stop the cooking and cool the cauliflower. Wring the bag firmly 3-4 times to remove all liquid.

Inside the bag is a firm, fine, rice-like ball of cauliflower ready for serving. If you used a strainer bag, removing it is very easy and clean — just reach in and pull it out. If you used cloth, you might find find that more of the cauliflower rice sticks to the bag and requires some scraping.

Enjoy cauliflower rice as a side dish with butter, or use it as a platform for saucy dishes like curries and stews, or saute it with veggies and meat for a biryani or fried rice style dish. Experiment with adding spices like cumin, garlic, curry or coriander during steaming for added flavor.


  • 1 med caulflower


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  1. posted by eybarks on October 28, 2013

    What a great idea. Very fast! Later I will add ground chicken and some more veggies, garlic and herbs and, Voila! a meal in very short time. Love it!

    I get lazy so this is a big help Thanks

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