\”The Bomb\” Paleo Kids Dinner

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At least that\’s what the kiddies said!!! So, I don\’t have kids, but I mentor for Big Bros Big Sisters and have been helping my lil bro\’s family with some ideas on healthy cooking. Think I may have went a little too \”healthy\” the first time around, so this time I tried to be a bit more fun. That can be a tall order, both with kids and adults trying to eat paleo or just eat healthier — finding that line between what is healthful and doesn\’t taste like rabbit feed or packaging materials 😉

So, I got some great help and inspiration from Ms. Sarah and all the awesome moms on Everydaypaleo.com. Thanks, ladies!! I ended up going with: Fast Kids Broccoli (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-broccoli/), Fast Kids Chicken Pieces (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-chicken-pieces/), and Fast Kids Baked Sweet Potato Fries (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-baked-sweet-potato-fries/). I wanted to do something that was a complete meal, fun, and could be timed well and baked in the same oven. We were going to do honey mustard at first, but the dijon was a lil too intense, so ended up just going with honey for a dipping sauce. I thought that was a good compromise — not a processed-sugar-based sauce but still fun.

And they loved it!! Ate everything including the broccoli and my lil bro\’s lil bro even said it was \”The Bomb.\” There was also a lot of stuff the kids could help out with, like defrosting the broccoli, washing the sweet potatoes and pouring the honey. The more big-kid stuff like cutting and using the oven I could still explain to them so they would know how to do it when they were old enough. The things I picked were also economical, which is really important for families.

Thought it was a great meal all around and inspired me to want to plan a Healthy Family Cooking Day here in Philly :) Have any thoughts or questions on cooking paleo for kids?? Pa-lease let us know in the comments below!!



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    1. posted by Alex on September 11, 2012

      Sounds delicious! Maybe try some Kale Chips next time?


    2. posted by IraBraceloff on September 6, 2013

      Selective cooking recipes.!! Healthy and tasteful dinner plan for kids. Thanks for sharing your experience,

    3. posted by IraBraceloff on September 6, 2013

      Selective cooking recipes.!! Healthy and tasteful dinner plan for kids. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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