intelliBED Review

The importance of sleep is something that only dawned on me more than a year into living the paleo lifestyle. I started out focusing mostly on food and exercise, which I is not uncommon, and did see some great results, but it still felt incomplete.

I had always had difficulty both falling asleep and staying asleep, but thought it was just how I was. That’s a pretty defeatist attitude. I would never have accepted that my diet and exercise routines were something I couldn’t improve, so why was I applying the same broken logic to my sleep?

I started to read a lot about the importance of sleep. One book which really opened by eyes to the importance of proper sleep was Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, which goes into detail about the connection between sleep and body weight, carbohydrate cravings, depression, blood pressure and stress, and even the prevention of chronic diseases like Type II diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

That night, I noticed how much street light was coming into my bedroom, took a half an hour and blacked out the entire room, and had the best, most restful night of sleep I could remember. The next day, I felt happier and had more focus for my work and energy for my training, with that one simple change.

So I worked more on developing a “sleep hygiene” routine: I made sure my bedding was always clean, bathed an hour before bed time, turned the lights and electronics off at a certain time, practiced deep breathing before bed, and started a magnesium supplement in the evenings.

There is no one single important thing for health—it’s about a holistic approach that addresses all of the important factors. Diet and exercise are of course two of the big ones, and sleep is absolutely just as important.

However, I hadn’t yet paid any real attention to one of the most important parts of that sleep routine, what I was actually sleeping on.

While I go to the chiropractor every week, I was still waking up with tightness in my lower back and shoulders, and, I would have difficulty falling into really deep sleep. Beyond that, I had no idea what my bed was made from, or what kind of toxins might be present in the bedding materials.

Just as I was in the market for a new bed, the folks from intelliBED reached out by email and asked if I might be interested in promoting their product. I get a lot of these kind of inquiries, some good, many crap, but after reading through all the literature on their website and talking with two of their reps on the phone, it seemed like a really good product, and the fact that they were willing to let me try it out first convinced me that they really believed in it. So, I gave it a go, and here is what I think after about a month of sleeping on the intelliBED.

All of the points of my body, my head, shoulders, hips, knees and feet felt aligned along the same plane when sleeping in the bed. My spine felt straighter, my neck didn’t end up kinked, and I didn’t need to put a pillow under my knees to feel comfortable.


In addition to feeling perfectly aligned in the bed, it is also incredibly comfortable. The IntelliGEL that also facilitates proper alignment feels somehow soft yet supportive at the same time—it gives just enough to promote proper alignment, but then under that give is the feeling of firm support.


Safe, Non-Toxic Materials
Traditional mattresses are treated with toxic chemicals, the off-gassing of which can negatively affect your health while you sleep. You wouldn’t think the thing you slept in would be toxic, but it absolutely is in most cases. Knowing that intelliBED is made of safe, non-toxic materials definitely gives me peace of mind.


Durable Materials
The last mattress I had worn out in a little more than five years, and it wasn’t necessarily cheap. That also means that the support it did provide was constantly deteriorating over time, which was certainly linked to the back and neck pain as well as restlessness I was experiencing. intelliBED also guarantees the mattress for 30 years, so you know not only is the durability guaranteed, but that you’ll get your money’s worth.

These benefits come from the Intelli-Gel used to make intelliBEDs.

What is Intelli-Gel?

  • Intelli-Gel® is a revolutionary gel material used in hospital beds, seat cushions, shoe inserts and now mattresses for the home.
  • Intelli-Gel is made from a soft, but extremely strong and elastic solid copolymer gel formed into a series of vertical support members that begin to compress under light loads, but when the pressure on any localized area becomes uncomfortable, the support members relax allowing that localized part of the body to sink into the mattress. In this way, pressure points under the hip and shoulder areas are reduced by a remarkable 50-80%.
  • Another highly unique and important characteristic of Intelli-Gel is the column buckling, honey comb design of the many individual support squares each of which have the ability to sense when the pressure load would be uncomfortable to the human body and automatically relax to relieve that pressure.
  • An additional benefit of Intelli-Gel is its incredible durability. Under normal sleep conditions, testing has shown that Intelli-Gel (when matched with high quality materials) will only lose about 3-5% of its ability to support weight over the entire life of the bed.
  • Finally, Intelli-Gel is the safest material ever into a mattress. It is totally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and made from food grade materials.


Investing in Your Sleep
Just like paying a bit more for better quality food, or investing in a gym membership for quality instruction, investing in your sleep pays dividends in everything you do in life. You feel better, are happier, more productive at work, and get more out of life. It’s actually one of the best investments you can make.

I have the king size intelliBED, which does run a bit more than a traditional mattress, around $3,500. BUT, remember, this represents a 30-year investment in my sleep and health, as the mattress is guaranteed for 30 years. This works out to around $117 per year invested in sleep, which is money well spent in my book. There is also a value series which starts at around $1,500, made to fit any budget.

You can take your time and look through all of the mattress sizes and selections, and they offer excellent customer support to answer any and all of your questions.

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