FastPaleo Announcement: Small Changes Afoot

Hey there FastPaleo peeps! Kristin here, and I have a brief announcement to make. After much consideration, I have decided to leave FastPaleo LLC. This was a very difficult decision to make because I love being part of a great paleo support tool that so many of you find so useful, but this is one of those times that I need to do what\’s best for me. But never fear, your recipes will still be here! James will keep the paleo recipe sharing engine going without me.

Don\’t think this means I\’m going to disappear into thin air. You can subscribe to my personal page on Facebook (Kristin Jekielek, the one and only), or Like my other Paleo pages: PaleoGoGo and the upcoming Paleo Trail. My email is kristin @

Let\’s keep in touch,   xoxo

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