Introducing the FastPaleo Local Advertiser Program!

Hi Friends!

We are super happy to announce the start of the FastPaleo Local Advertiser Program! This program will allow local US producers and providers, including local livestock and produce farms, as well as local CSAs and farm shares, to advertise exclusively within their own state by advertising on

This is good for a few reasons. The first is that it supports local production and consumption, which is healthy both for our bodies and the planet.

The second is that it allows local producers and providers to reach paleo customers within their own state, meaning advertisers are able to reach exactly who they want, local paleo peeps interested in buying quality, local meat and produce.

The third is that we are offering the advertising spots at a very low flat monthly rate, meaning advertisers can advertise to an extremely targeted, local market at a very low flat cost, making the most of their advertising dollars without wasting money advertising to customers they can\’t deliver to. For example, if you are a Pennsylvania beef producer, you will advertise just to FastPaleo paleo peeps within Pennsylvania, just who you want to reach!

If you are a local producer or provider and are interested in the FastPaleo Local Advertiser Program, please contact FastPaleo Owner & Operator James directly at

We are also thrilled to announce our first local advertiser, Massa Natural Meats in northern California! For over forty years, the Massa Family has been actively involved in the beef industry, beginning with a small herd of registered Angus cattle in the 70’s. California FastPaleo users will see their great ad displayed just like below—Massa Natural Meats is exactly the kind of local business we love to welcome as a FastPaleo Local Advertiser!



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