Kate\’s 1st Date with Paleo

What\’s good paleo posse???

One of the best feelings is introducing a good friend or fam member to paleo and seeing them feel healthier and happier as a result. Peeps also need encouragement when they are getting started from pale-OGs, so I wanna introduce you gals and guys to my good friend and muay Thai training partner, Kate!!

Kate\’s motivation for going paleo wasn\’t to lose the fat pants — as you can see she\’s already muay thai fit — but to see if it might help her feel better. She was struggling with acid reflux and indigestion and sometimes gassing during muay thai training, and after talking with me and some other paleo pals, decided to cut out a lot of processed food and pursue the paleo path.

Here\’s what Kate had to say about her experience so far:

\”I know it\’s only been what 3 1/2 days? But I swear I feel better. More alertness, not groggy, no gas (besides normal stuff), no stomach pains, no dizziness. I lost 3lbs. I was able to read last night and not get distracted. I\’ve been sleeping like a rock. Am I crazy? My boss said placebo effect. I said BS.

\”Also, it\’s really not THAT hard. I don\’t have any cravings really. I think the only thing that makes me frown is thinking I can\’t have pizza. But I\’m going to try that Paleo Pizza as a replacement. As long as I prepare my meals — whether in my head or in the morning for dinner — I\’m golden. It was when I had no food in my fridge that I\’d look & say, \”nothing to eat. ugh I\’m so hungry. I need something fast\” and then it would be fastfood or take-out. Preparing is key (for me). Having the ingredients available makes it easier. Also, cooking again has been enjoyable and it makes me feel good about myself that I\’m caring for myself).\”

We know it\’s not BS, it\’s paleo power!!

Check out Kate getting her muay thai sexy on, her processed \”before,\” her awesome paleo \”after\” and first paleo brekkie 🙂



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