\”The Bomb\” Paleo Kids Dinner

At least that\’s what the kiddies said!!! So, I don\’t have kids, but I mentor for Big Bros Big Sisters and have been helping my lil bro\’s family with some ideas on healthy cooking. Think I may have went a little too \”healthy\” the first time around, so this time I tried to be a bit more fun. That can be a tall order, both with kids and adults trying to eat paleo or just eat healthier — finding that line between what is healthful and doesn\’t taste like rabbit feed or packaging materials 😉

So, I got some great help and inspiration from Ms. Sarah and all the awesome moms on Everydaypaleo.com. Thanks, ladies!! I ended up going with: Fast Kids Broccoli (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-broccoli/), Fast Kids Chicken Pieces (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-chicken-pieces/), and Fast Kids Baked Sweet Potato Fries (http://fastpaleo.com/fast-kids-baked-sweet-potato-fries/). I wanted to do something that was a complete meal, fun, and could be timed well and baked in the same oven. We were going to do honey mustard at first, but the dijon was a lil too intense, so ended up just going with honey for a dipping sauce. I thought that was a good compromise — not a processed-sugar-based sauce but still fun.

And they loved it!! Ate everything including the broccoli and my lil bro\’s lil bro even said it was \”The Bomb.\” There was also a lot of stuff the kids could help out with, like defrosting the broccoli, washing the sweet potatoes and pouring the honey. The more big-kid stuff like cutting and using the oven I could still explain to them so they would know how to do it when they were old enough. The things I picked were also economical, which is really important for families.

Thought it was a great meal all around and inspired me to want to plan a Healthy Family Cooking Day here in Philly 🙂 Have any thoughts or questions on cooking paleo for kids?? Pa-lease let us know in the comments below!!


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