The Primal Home: Wonderful Home Products for Paleo Peeps

Hi Friends!

I was lucky enough to get to sample a bunch of great products from The Primal Home, one of\’s new local advertisers.

I really liked the home and body line in particular. Lavender is something I really like in my soaps—it both smells great and is a natural disinfectant. The Lavender Lemon Body Soap, Lavender Refreshing Spritzer, and Lavender Silk Lotion were all really great: and it feels good to know that you are putting something natural on your skin.

I felt similarly about the toothpastes. They contain natural ingredients instead of being filled with man-made chemicals. Great refreshing taste and I could feel confident they are good for my body.

The Primal Home has a full line of wonderful paleo-approved products, including Body, Face and Home, and if you are in the Oregon area, they also offer Primal Parties!




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