TX Bar Organics Offers a Wonderful Selection of Quality Beef

I was recently lucky enough to sample several different cuts from Tx Bar Organics in Northern California, and every piece was absolutely amazing. I tried the 100% Organic Ground Beef, a Top Sirloin Steak, and a New York Strip steak, and really loved each one. The Strip was actually my personal favorite. It was very juicy and tender, and cut to a perfect size for one person.

The passion TX Bar Organics has for their beef really comes through. They have a strong focus on raising their animals on the ranch, in a calm, low-stress environment, so you can also feel confident that you are getting both a quality and sustainable product.

TX Bar Organics also has a very welcoming, easy-to-understand website, a very broad selection and tons of great specials, as well as flat-rate shipping. All in all a very high-quality product produced by caring, passionate people.




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